Impact Guarding Solutions provides security for all kinds of events across the United Kingdom. Working us means we will conduct a complete risk assessment of your event allowing us to asses what security provisions you need.


Security is a crucial part of any kind of public event, not only does it maintain discipline, but it also plays an important role in reassuring the audience or attendees that the event they are attending is professionally run and they are safe to enjoy themselves. We understand the challenges of crowd management and have extensive experience from managing small to large crowds. 

We have made a name for ourselves in the corporate and private event security market because of our professionalism and exemplary service we provide. We only provide security personnel who have excellent PR and customer service skills and can easily safeguard your event, big or small. 


Our experienced guards play their part in ensuring your event’s success, and that your reputation is protected as a safe event provider. We facilitate a rigorous training program for all our employees to ensure that they are adequately equipped to handle any situation and any problem that may arise. 


Our services include:


• Providing a professional security team.

• Managing your event by handling the admission and safety measures. 

• Providing guards who are properly briefed, vigilant in their duties and always remain discreet and courteous. 

Crowd control and security are always top concerns for any event organiser whether it is a small or a large event, risk management and health and safety laws must be considered and planned for. The guards we provide for the security of your public or private event are experienced in this regard and have worked on numerous small and large events over the years. 


From handling festivals, open air concerts to charity galas, we never fail to provide a safe and secure environment for you, your guests, visitors and the general public. Our guards are professionally trained to detect threats and hazards and plan accordingly to alleviate risks.


If you are looking for a company to manage your event security needs then contact us today for a free quote. 

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