Impact Guarding Solutions understand how important it is to have the right retail security services provider in place. We also understand that prevention is far better than injury to customers or staff, damage to reputation, loss of revenue or loss of valuable time.


Our dedicated retail security services division, of which every member possesses an SIA licence, strives to achieve our main aim, which is to deter and prevent various crimes from happening, like shop lifting, criminal damage, violent crime and anti social behaviour. Our staff are trained and equipped with the right tools and resources to spot potential trouble and deal with it before it becomes a problem.

Retail security is a security operation that comes with a very unique set of challenges, however our adaptable teams are more than capable of dealing with any retail environment across the United Kingdom.

The key benefits of using Impact Guarding Solutions for your retail security needs are:

• Significantly reduce shrinkage within your retail business.
• Improve your line of defence against theft and other threats to your business.
• Security weaknesses are assessed and minimised or eliminated.

In recent years, retail based crime has cost British businesses as much as £900m. A rise has also been noted in the use of specialist de-tagging equipment and foil-lined bags to avoid detection by electronic security equipment which is why a human security element is a vital part of your security strategy.

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